Welcome to my site! I made this video at the start of the year to introduce myself and share my hopes for AP Bio. I hope you enjoy and learn a little about who I am!


Wow! I can’t believe we are done with the year!! Just nearly 10 months ago, I was making my introduction video, nervous about how AP Bio would be. I had never opened iMovie or created a website and I could barely figure out how to make a table in Google Docs. Now, I have made over five videos and have documented all of them on this site! I have really loved being able to have this site to capture so many fun moments and publish my hard work. I would have never imagined creating such a complex site before being in AP Bio.

While I love all my posts, some of my favorites have been the Above and Beyond videos with Keira, my Breakthrough Junior Challenge, and my posts about our field trips! The Above and Beyond videos were so fun to film because I got to collaborate with my fellow AP Bio survivor, Keira. We especially got into the Strawberry DNA extraction video which I think showed in the final product. My Breakthrough Junior project was a major undertaking and I loved being able to research any scientific topic I wanted. Our field trips were so fun, so I loved writing about them on this blog. While I love all the posts I just mentioned, my very first introduction video has to be my all time favorite. I put so much effort into that video and it was my first intro into stop motion which I now really enjoy doing. That video always reminds me how excited I was to take AP Bio, which kept me going when I had a lot of homework or was up late studying for a test.

I learned so much scientific content this year which furthered my love of biology, particularly genetics. I also, however, learned a lot about myself and my classmates. I had never even talked to most of the seniors in my class, but now, I have worked with every single one of them and gotten to know them. I also really got to know my other two junior classmates, Lindsay and Keira. While we were all friends before, going through Bio together made us get to know each other much better. I am truly going to miss coming to AP Bio every day and getting to see all of my classmates and Mrs. Girard.

The class has taught me so much about myself and how hard I can work if I am truly interested in the subject. I have pushed myself in this class to do my best and always put my best foot forward. Last semester, my goal was to not allow stress to stifle my productivity which I think I have accomplished. This semester I kept pushing through my stress and continued to work hard, even while I was overwhelmed.

Because of AP Bio, my love for biology has led me to an internship with Stanford Medicine, working in a research facility. I am really excited for Seinor year and later, for college where I hope to study biology. While I am so sad to leave the class, I am so proud of everything my classmates and I have done this year. I am very thankful for Mrs. Girard’s support and awesome teaching!  WE MADE IT!!

For the future AP Bio Students!!! Watch our video that goes over our 10 tips for AP Bio success!!